Heat Wave – Nikki Heat BK 1 Richard Castle

I was looking forward to getting stick into this series as I am a huge fan of Castle TV series, it was a massive disappointment (or maybe I was expecting to much?) just found it flat and the humour wasn’t there like it is in the TV show.


Half Bad Bk 1

Half Bad is part of trilogy which includes Half Wild and Half Lost written by Sally Green.

Mixed thoughts on this book as some of the story plots had me page turning on the other hand I was glad to finish the book as some of the story dragged on a bit. Didn’t think it needed a book 2 let alone book 3, although I am intrigued to read them as I enjoyed reading about witches in modern day Britain.

Killing Floor Jack Reacher Book 1

The book itself is an entertaining read and full of action but the author didn’t convince me to carry on with this series, maybe after reading James Patterson’s Alex Cross series.
After watching the Jack Reacher movie in 2012 with Tom Cruise and hearing an interview with Lee Child, Child was promoting one of the latest books in the Reacher series, I took the plunge and read Killing Floor which is the first book in the Jack Reacher’s series, there are 22 main titles in Reacher series. During Child’s interview he stated that you could start from the latest book and that the books where stand alone, I decided to start at book one as I wanted to pick up on the background info on Reacher. Two things I learnt from the first novel is that Jack was born on a military base in Berlin and has a brother called Joe.

Hollow Earth Book 1

This book is the first novel from actor and TV personality of John Barrowman with his sister Carole Barrowman. In Hollow Earth you are introduced to twins Emily and Matt who have a magical power of being able to turn artwork into life, this gets them out of tricky situations.
Original idea, fun, full action, gripping story/characters and a page turner. Very excited to learn this is now a trilogy and is on my to be read list.

Book One Ship of Magic Robin Hobb

The Ship of Magic is part of the elderlings realm story arc, the books that are in this trilogy are Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny. The books are set during the red ship war and is based in the trade town of Bingtown. The Ship of Magic introduces all the main characters and you follow the trade adventures of the liveship Vivacia.  Whilst reading Ship of  Magic I did struggle to find themes, it wasn’t until the very end of the book I realised that the main theme is consequence(s).
The main set of characters you get to know are the Vestrit trader family who are Ronica who is married to Ephron, they have two girls called Althea and Keffria is married to Kyle and they have three children called Malta, Wintrow and Seldron. Ephhron owns a liveship her name is Vivacia. A liveship is special sailing boat which is made out of wizard wood and once quicken it moves faster than a normal sailing boat. The boat also requires a family member on board as it has a personality and emotions like a human being. Besides Vivacia, you are introduced to other liveship’s and they are Paragon and Ophelia. The antagonist characters in the Ship of Magic are Captain Kennit, Sorcor and Etta. Other characters include Rain Wild Traders, Brashen and David Restart.
I found this book hard going, for some reason I didn’t grip to the story or to the characters it was curiosity that kept me reading to the end, I wanted to know what happened next. One explanation for finding the book hard going is that it could of been the wrong type of book to read straight after an epic tale of  Fitz’s adventures and I found the Ship of Magic flat. However, it is interesting to learn about the different part of the Six Dutches and how the red ship war effected that part of the land. Whilst reading Fitz’s story arc, Bingtown is often mentioned in conversations and you do wonder what the place is like and it’s people. The writing style is easy to understand and descriptive, similar to other books Hobb has written. I am aiming to read the other books in this trilogy in the future, at this present time I have got other books I want to read/review
Favourite line:
“One must plan for the future and anticipate the future without fearing the future” pg 14
Next to be read are the Rain Wild Chronicles, I am aiming to read to all the other books that are in the Elderling story arc before the Fitz and the fool trilogy new book is out which is 2017
Have you read this book? I am interested to know your thoughts did you find it flat?