Book’s I have read

Over the recent years I found my love for reading has grown thanks to Amazon Kindle e – reader. I had to be careful which hard book I chose to buy due to the front size as I kept on losing track where I was in the sentence. Absolutely love my kindle voyage and previous owner of the original kindle, the day it stopped working was one of the saddest days in my life at the time I had a Samsung Note 3 so luckily I could carry on reading.
Below I have complied a list of books I have read on the kindle and also an actual book. You can see my reviews on the books up on the blog.
On the Kindle
  • The Glass Wall Madison Adler, Carmen Caine – First book was free on Amazon Kindle
  • Hollow Earth Book 1 John and Carole Barrowman – Heard an interview on BBC 2 and Barrowman was promoting this book and was curious.
  • Heat Wave: Nikki Heat Book 1 by Richard Castle – Huge fan of the tv series and again curiosity got the better of me
  • Killing Floor – Jack Reacher by Lee Child – Child was promoting on of his newer books on BBC radio 2 and saw the movie ‘One Shot’
  • The truth about the Harry Quebut Affair by Joel Dicker – Simon Mayo’s Book Club radio BBC 2
  • Magaician Book 1 Raymond E Feist – Recommendation from the husband
  • Half Bad by Sally Green – Simon Mayo’s Book Club radio BBC 2
  • I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes – Simon Mayo’s Book Club radio BBC 2
  • Under the dome by Stephen King – Only read short stories by Stephen King and wanted to read a novel by him
  • Indexing Seanan McGuire -Samsung free book offer
  • Roses are Red (Alex Cross) James Patterson – A fan of the author
  • The Finial Empire: Mistborn Brandon Sanderson – Recommendation from the husband
  • The Dirty Street of Haven (Bobby Dollar) Tad Wiiliams – Loved Shadowmarch by Williams and was awaiting this series to be released.
  • The Farseer Trilogy, The Tawny Man Trilogy and The Fits and the Fool Trilogy Robin Hobb
  • Ship of Magic Robin Hobb
  • Legend (Far from home Bk1) Tony Healey, Laurie Laliberte
An actual book 
  •  Knots and Crosses, Hide and Seek, Tooth and Nail – Ian Rankin
  •  Along came a spider, Kiss the girls, Jand & Jill, Cat & Mouse, Pop goes the weasel, 1st to die, The Jester, The Quickie and London Bridges – James Patterson
  • Shadow March Series – Tad Williams
  • Stephen King – Just after Sunset
  • Stephen Hawking – A briefer history of time
Have you read any of these books? Would love to know what you thought of them.

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