To be Read List

Books that are unread and waiting to be read:
  • Mad Ship Book2 of the Liveship series – Robin Hobb
  • Shaman’s Crossing Bk 1 – Robin Hobb
  • Dragon Keeper Bk 1 – Robin Hobb
  • A land divided K.M Ashman
  • The Garden Stones Mark T Barnes
  • The Magpies Mark Edwards
  • The Short Drop Mathew Fitzsimmons
  • Alien Honor Vaughn Heppner
  • The Adversary Reece Hirsch
  • Snared ED James
  • Daggerspell Katherine Kerr
  • Mr Mercedes Stephen King
  • The Drowning Gaurd Linda Lafferty
  • Hard Landing Stephen Leather
  • The Three Body Problem Cixin Lui
  • White Bones Graham Masterton
  • The Thief Taker Bk1 C.S Quinn
  • War of the Edge of the World Ian Ross
  • The Will of Ascension: Mistborn Brendon Sanderston
  • Final Piece J. Gregory Smith
  • Happy Hour in Hell Tad Williams
  • Draykon (The Draykon Series Bk1) Charlotte E. English
  • Awaken His Eyes(The Awakened Book Bk1) Jason Tesar
  • The Brother Hood of Snakes (Glass Wall Bk2) Carmen Caine, Madison Adler
  • The Inner Circle (Glass Wall Bk2) Carmen Caine, Madison Adler
  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0 Randolph Lalonde
  • Romulus Buckle & the city of the founders Bk 1 Richard Ellis Preston Jr.

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