The Tawny Man Trilogy

Just wanted to say a thank you for all the likes and follows so far, here is another book review.
The Tawny Man Trilogy is the second trilogy within Fitz’s story arc, the books that are in this series  are Fool’s Errand , The Golden Fool and  Fool’s Fate. Fool’s Errand is set 15 years later after the events of the  Farseer  Trilogy. Even though the red ship war is over with the outlanders, the people of the six duchies remain unsettled with the Piebald uprising who cause trouble for Prince Dutiful and Queen Kettricken.  Whilst at the same time Queen Kettricken is trying settle a trade deal with the outlanders.
I love how Hobb starts the book with Fitz’s enjoying retirement at his cottage and she slowly brings back the characters you know and love from the previous trilogy. Hobb gives each character time to have a catch up with Fitz discussing what has happen in there lives and reflecting on the past. The characters do explain what has happened in the previous trilogy very briefly, if  you have chosen to start reading here I would highly recommend reading the Farseer Triology first, as it gives more detail on the characters and events, you will have a greater understanding and will be probably find the book easier to get into. There are some new characters in these set of books and they are the following Lord Golden previously known as the The Fool, Hap, Prince Dutiful, Narcheska Princess Elliania and the characters that make up the Piebalds members.
I will review The Fits and the Fool Trilogy once I have read them.



7 thoughts on “The Tawny Man Trilogy

      1. I’m aiming to read all of them before the new book is published next year. Just started to read dragon keeper and I’m really enjoying book one apart its giving bits of story away that’s happens in Livership.


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