Under the Dome by Stephen King

Besides King’s short stories this is my first official Stephen King novel I have read and finished, I was intrigued to see the comparison between the book and TV show, I have only seen Season One and half way through Season Two there are some changes in the TV show. I enjoyed the story and connected with all the characters, favourite character being Horace the dog. Just thought the ending was a bit disappointing, especially in what caused the dome. I have Mr.Mercedes on my to be read list also want to read 11.22.63. In the past I have attempted to read the Dark Tower but found it hard going due to accents King uses, may have another attempt at it before the TV/Film is released.


I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

This is an interesting read however I didn’t agree with the ending. It’s worth a read because the author uses some interesting point of views from all the characters.

Thoughts on what to read next?

Thought Id give you up an update on what am I reading next as Im close to finishing Dragon Keeper. I have decided to go back to the Liveship Trilogy by Hobb and read book two then progress onto book three, I am highly intrigued by the story in the Liveship as there is a bit of a cross over with characters and story arc in the Dragon Keepper. Before descending in Liveship Trilogy I will read The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith.

How do I choose what to read next? 
Well, for the last few years I have been reading Fit’z story arc by Robin Hobb having nine books to indulge in I decided to read a trilogy then have a break and something completely different and start on the next trilogy in Fitz’s story arc, now that I have finished Fit’z story arc I am reading the other Elderling realm books.
What me makes carry on reading a book?
Sometimes it is a character that I get attached to, other times I just get lost in the world that has been built up by the author and I just want to know more. Usually I give the book a chance to develop as so much can happen in the first few chapters/part one, a long time ago I would just read the first page and if this didn’t get my attention then I’d put the book down. Over the years I’d to think I have become more open minded and let the book take me on a journey.

Favourite Lines from Bone Clocks

“sure as eggs is eggs” page 68
“Kent accent thicker than the Earth’s crust” pg 83
“to me Pauline Webber’s hat looks like a crash-landed crow with turquoise blood,but she accepts the tribute” pg 372
“like my husband, I have the soul of an explorer” pg 459
We’ll be dead-dead pg 479
“for one voyage to begin, another voyage must come to an end,sort of” pg 596

Bone Clocks

I was intrigued to read Bone Clocks as it is written by David Mitchell also known for Cloud Atlas which was released as a film adaptation in 2012 and directed by Lilly and Lana Wachowskis. Having seen Cloud Atlas at the cinema I didn’t really fancy putting myself through the book as the film was complex and layered especially with the Wachowskis added element of reincarnation so I decided to read Bone Clocks. It was also a recommendation from Simon Mayo’s Book Club on radio two, I read the free chapters on the book club page before making the decision to buy the book.
What caught my attention firstly was that the chapters where written out like a dairy format starting in 1984 and ending in 2043, after catching up to where I left the book on the free chapters I realised how much the story had moved on from the beginning, by the time you reach the end you feel like your reading a completely different book (in a good way). The basic story arc is that you are following the life events of Holly Sykes and how history has a habit of repeating itself. It is very layered and you quickly learn how all the characters connect to one another even though time has moved on – proving that the world is a small place. Particularly like that the book is set in England.
Now that I have read Bone Clocks, I am even more intrigued about Cloud Atlas and I can see how easy it was to add the theme of reincarnation to cloud atlas (if the story runs with the same themes as Bone Clocks) I would also like to compare the two versions of Cloud Atlas. David MItchell’s newest book is Sladhouse (2015) and his older novels include The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (2010), Black Swan Green (2006), Cloud Atlas (2004), Number9dream (2001) and Gostwrittern (1999). One last note, even though the books are stand alone apparently some of the characters do appear in the other books.

Magician BK 1 Raymound E. Feist

Overall Review: 
Adventure, love, magic and war.
One of the reasons why I wanted to read this book is because I was intrigued by the inspiration behind the story/characters which came from a Dungeons and Dragons game. Very easy to read and by the end you want to know more on why the alien species attacked the planet  (this isn’t giving anything away). Definitely will be reading other books in this series which are the following:
Riftwar Saga:
A Darkness at Sethanon
I will do a full review once I have read the trilogy.