Happy Hour in Hell by Tad Willaims

Ever wondered what Hell is like? Williams gives detailed insights through the story of Bobby Dollar. Don’t expect a Shadow March series, once I got over this thought I did start to enjoy these two books, however I’m not in a rush to go and buy the third book as I’ve got other series to read. This hasn’t put me of from reading other books done by this author.
Out of the two books I prefer Happy Hour in Hell as I got attached to some of the characters my favourite being Heartspider, Riprash and Gob. Love the locations names in hell such as Styx Loch and Blindworm. Williams is very descriptive and detailed about his version of hell it almost makes you want to go hell rather than heaven or at least make it holiday destination. Whilst reading the story I noticed there was a lot of point of views which were in brackets made by Bobby Dollar, some of the thoughts where sarcastic, some where dark humour there were some that didn’t really need to be written however if you like seeing the thought process of someone planning it may not bother you so much.
The story is a bit slow at first but when the action starts its seems to carry on until the end. There is recap at the beginning of what’s previously happened, but is a simple story arc to understand. Bobby Dollar amuses me because on one page you like the character (he his an angel after all) and turn over the page and your thinking why are doing that you idiot? Not sure if this intentional by the Williams or ifs it’s my own opinion on the character. Pacing of the book seems to dip and rise, when there is no action it seems to drag on until the next action scene and the pacing spikes then it seems to dip down again once the action has ended. However the tour through hell keep you fascinated until the story ends.

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