Favourite Quotes from Happy Hour in Hell

Some of my favourite lines that made made me chuckle whilst reading Happy Hour in Hell by Tad Williams.

“Hell – beer might get you shitfaced even quicker that the earthly stuff” page 374
“There was a fad among some of Hell’s hightest to look very human” page 239
“The owner had a Jackal’s face and the legs of an anorexic spider” page 174
“If you ever want to lose your interest in sex, try spending you vacation in Acheron Landing or even Penitentia” page 135
“So if any of you plan to open your own hell, remember this time tested recipe: Vary the suffering so your victims dont get completely numb” page 135
“The nagging bitch had so many black sails that the masts looked like some kind of vampire nesting trees” Page 131
“Swearing in Hell seemed a bit like coals to Newcaslte, but it was an old habit” page 104
“The place grew and changed constantly, like a living organism, a coral reff or something” page 99
“If there’s ever a place where a person needs a stiff drink occasionally, it’s hell and parts of Oklahoma” page 98
“Hell is a monstrous cylinder, wide as a small country almost infinitely high and low, it’s countless habitations” page 96



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