Thoughts on what to read next?

Thought Id give you up an update on what am I reading next as Im close to finishing Dragon Keeper. I have decided to go back to the Liveship Trilogy by Hobb and read book two then progress onto book three, I am highly intrigued by the story in the Liveship as there is a bit of a cross over with characters and story arc in the Dragon Keepper. Before descending in Liveship Trilogy I will read The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith.

How do I choose what to read next? 
Well, for the last few years I have been reading Fit’z story arc by Robin Hobb having nine books to indulge in I decided to read a trilogy then have a break and something completely different and start on the next trilogy in Fitz’s story arc, now that I have finished Fit’z story arc I am reading the other Elderling realm books.
What me makes carry on reading a book?
Sometimes it is a character that I get attached to, other times I just get lost in the world that has been built up by the author and I just want to know more. Usually I give the book a chance to develop as so much can happen in the first few chapters/part one, a long time ago I would just read the first page and if this didn’t get my attention then I’d put the book down. Over the years I’d to think I have become more open minded and let the book take me on a journey.

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