Reflections of Queen Snow White

Reflections of Queen Snow White by David C Meredith

Reflections of Queen Snow White is an interesting read as the author takes away the children’s version and replaces it with an adult version of Snow White, where Snow White deals with issues of mourning, loneliness, madness and happiness. Whilst reading the story you do question if Snow White has gone completely insane, there were parts I wanted more details on such as characters and background information. My favourite part is the opening as the author uses a different perspective to set the scene where the story is taking place. Compared to the other books I have read it is a light and quick read (which is a pleasant change).
Thank you David for this free gift.
Update on my reading progress
I’m am still ploughing my way through the Liveship Traders Trilogy (just over half way now) on book 2, for book 3 I’m thinking of using my free audio book hoping it will increase speed so I can get back the Dragon Keeper.