Sharman’s Crossing Favourite Lines

Here are some of my favorite lines from Sharman’s Crossing 

Page 49

“and they go on breeding as happily as a tree full of monkeys.”

Page 52

“Disease must be fought with science, not charms and amulets.”

Page 165

“You can delegate authority—’ ‘But not responsibility.’”

Page 201

“The world I had expected to live in was vanishing before I could explore it.”

Page 209

‘When all is said and done, family is what counts for most in this world.

Page 229

“The soldier sons of soldier sons are soldiers before they are born”

Page 433

“his odds of success were less than a whisper’s chance against storm winds.”

Page 491

‘The world lives and dies as it should today.’

Page 494

“Our trees fall and with every tree that dies, wisdom is lost. Power is lost. The forest is what binds our worlds together.” (This must be my favorite line from this book)

Page 525

“The streets were thick as porridge with people.”

Page 579

“Those that give credence to the dark gods get paid in the dark gods’ coin.”



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