Life Behind the Cards

I have had two more sales since my last shop update which were


The above order was being dispatched to Atlanta! Got some lovely reviews from this customer. 5 Star Review with these comments “Love! Love! Love! Thanks again:):):)” “Wonderful photography!!!! Thank you again:):)” “Beautiful, expertly crafted Art cards!!! Best packaging & speedy shipping!!! Thanks so much:):)”

and also

In the above photograph I wanted to show present and future customers how I dispatch my cards, I use a bubble wrap envelope – This is being changed to cardboard rigid mailer to ensure safe transit. Along with a fragile sticker and a address label.



Life Behind the Cards

Shop Update:

These  three cards have been sold and been dispatched within the Uk, it amazes me with etsy that even though it is an american site most of my sales have been within the UK and local to Manchester (uk), which makes me even happier to think my cards are nearby.  I Had 4 and 5 star customer rating, so happy to receive this feedback.

Been doing lots of maintenance stuff with the etsy shop lately, such as improving the product descriptions, titles and keywords. Seems to have taken a long time doing this, but it’s been worth it as I’ve had sales (So I must doing something right)

The new cards that are currently being listed in the shop, have been printed, made and photographed in my new and improved office. I have been experimenting with different “studio” set ups around the house, the best place to take the card photographs I have found is in the office, I am luckily enough to have a massive window that pours in natural light onto the desk.

That’s all for the shop update.


The photograph below shows how I have been photographing my cards in natural daylight

Blog Post Rethink

Hi everyone,
I’ve been doing some thinking recently on my book blog and how often I post now that I have finished reviewing the past books I have read. I will only have one post (for the book review) at a time as I can only manage to read one book on the go, as you may have noticed I have started doing a favourite lines post from the finished current book, these are lines that have sparked some emotion whilst reading wether its made me laugh out load or it’s had an impact on me in some way and lastly a a new idea for an first impressions/progress post. So all together their would be 3 posts revolving around books.
Today a miracle has happened, I have managed to get Instagram working on the posts page editor in word press, I have been hitting my head against a brick wall over this for ages and managed to solve it this morning, I use Instagram to post behind the scenes pictures of my small craft business such as photographing the cards, printing sessions and when I’m out and about on walks.  In case I haven’t mention before I run a handmade photo greeting card shop on etsy which is doing really well, I want to create an on-line HQ where I can discuss about the behind the scenes photos in more detail and life behind the shop and keep the book reviews going as well. I just feel like am not posting enough content for the site and I don’t want to lose followers due to lack of content, I am hoping by combine various personnel interests/hobbies to the blog it will grow and also encourage me to post more on social media.
This lovely sunset was spotted whilst on an evening stroll in the park a while ago.
Thanks again for reading the post
The new added content will start to happen from this week, hope you like it.