This is my first blog post on printing papers, I plan to do one type of printing paper per post maybe every week. Please leave comments below if you want to know more about the papers or if you have any questions regarding printing/papers and I will try to help.

Apart from reading books one of my other hobbies is printing photographs and experimenting with different types of papers, as it can give a photograph a chance of being a physical item rather that just a picture on a screen. The type of paper can also have massive effect on the final result, for example some papers don’t print black and white well, where as the same type of paper may bring out the colour and detail of that photograph. The main thing to watch out for is when looking at photographic paper is the weight of paper, usually the higher the weight of paper the better quality it is. Another tip to remember is, your printer will have a maximum printing paper weight, if the paper is higher than this it will not through the feed. I have had personnel experience with this and it can get frustrating. I also use genuine ink cartridges as they make a difference to the colour and will last longer.

The newest batch of paper I have brought is the Hahnemuhle Glossy Fine Art A4 Sample Pack which contains the following  FineArt Pearl 285gsm,Photo Rag Satin 310gsm,Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm,Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm,FineArt Baryta 325gsm, Baryta FR 350gsm, Goya Cancas 340gsm. I got this pack because I was wanted to see difference between the satin and pearl papers and how they compared to glossy papers. Whilst browsing I couldn’t seem to find any high end paper for gloss it seemed that Satin and Pearl where in the trend at the time. I’m not a huge fan of glossy papers as I find the surface to reflective. I also wanted to update my printing paper catalogue as sometimes manufactures discontinue papers and bring in new ones.

(Photograph One Below)

The photograph above and below was printed onto Fine Art Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm, the paper itself feels very thick (same thickness as heavy card) but it has a texture to it. I wasn’t to keen on photograph one it at first and decided to print another picture,when photograph two came out of the printer I just fell in love with the detail, sharpness and colour brightness of the print. Definitely be buying this paper in a stand alone pack in the future, I love bright bold colours in my photography and I think this paper will bring out the best in the colours.

(Photograph Two Below)




Life Behind the Cards

Shop Update:

These  three cards have been sold and been dispatched within the Uk, it amazes me with etsy that even though it is an american site most of my sales have been within the UK and local to Manchester (uk), which makes me even happier to think my cards are nearby.  I Had 4 and 5 star customer rating, so happy to receive this feedback.

Been doing lots of maintenance stuff with the etsy shop lately, such as improving the product descriptions, titles and keywords. Seems to have taken a long time doing this, but it’s been worth it as I’ve had sales (So I must doing something right)

The new cards that are currently being listed in the shop, have been printed, made and photographed in my new and improved office. I have been experimenting with different “studio” set ups around the house, the best place to take the card photographs I have found is in the office, I am luckily enough to have a massive window that pours in natural light onto the desk.

That’s all for the shop update.


The photograph below shows how I have been photographing my cards in natural daylight