Classic Book List

Apart from the all the trilogy’s I want to read this year, I have promised myself to read some of the classics as most of them I have never read. A quick search on Google and I have started to compile this list below of classics I have not included romance novels as I am to keen on this genre. I may add to this list as time goes by:
Sherlock Holmes 
HP Lovecraft
Wuthering Heights
Middlemarch by George Eliot
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith
His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman – Northern Lights
Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh
Don Quixote Miguel De Cervantes
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe
Gulliver’s Travels Jonathan Swift
Clarissa Samuel Richardson
Tristram Shandy Laurence Sterne
Frankenstein Mary Shelley
Nightmare Abbey Thomas Love Peacock
The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas
Sybil Benjamin Disraeli
David Copperfield Charles Dickens
Vanity Fair William Makepeace Thackeray
If you think I have missed any please leave your recommendations below and Ill take a look and maybe add them to the list

Blog Post Rethink

Hi everyone,
I’ve been doing some thinking recently on my book blog and how often I post now that I have finished reviewing the past books I have read. I will only have one post (for the book review) at a time as I can only manage to read one book on the go, as you may have noticed I have started doing a favourite lines post from the finished current book, these are lines that have sparked some emotion whilst reading wether its made me laugh out load or it’s had an impact on me in some way and lastly a a new idea for an first impressions/progress post. So all together their would be 3 posts revolving around books.
Today a miracle has happened, I have managed to get Instagram working on the posts page editor in word press, I have been hitting my head against a brick wall over this for ages and managed to solve it this morning, I use Instagram to post behind the scenes pictures of my small craft business such as photographing the cards, printing sessions and when I’m out and about on walks.  In case I haven’t mention before I run a handmade photo greeting card shop on etsy which is doing really well, I want to create an on-line HQ where I can discuss about the behind the scenes photos in more detail and life behind the shop and keep the book reviews going as well. I just feel like am not posting enough content for the site and I don’t want to lose followers due to lack of content, I am hoping by combine various personnel interests/hobbies to the blog it will grow and also encourage me to post more on social media.
This lovely sunset was spotted whilst on an evening stroll in the park a while ago.
Thanks again for reading the post
The new added content will start to happen from this week, hope you like it.

Finally Finished the Live Ship Trilogy !

Hi Everyone,
I have now completely finished the Live Ship trilogy (at long last), out off all the series written by Hobb this has been the slowest and longest story for me. Ill try to not to moan about to much in the full review, but first I will do a recap on books 1 and 2.
The LiveShip Trilogy includes:
Book One is Ship of Magic
Book Two is The Mad Ship
Book Three Ship of Destiny
What’s the trilogy about?
The main set of characters you get to know are the Vestrit trader family who are Ronica who is married to Ephron, they have two girls called Althea and Keffria is married to Kyle and they have three children called Malta, Wintrow and Seldron. Ephhron owns a liveship her name is Vivacia. A liveship is special sailing boat which is made out of wizard wood and once quicken it moves faster than a normal sailing boat. The boat also requires a family member on board as it has a personality and emotions like a human being. Besides Vivacia, you are introduced to other liveship’s and they are Paragon and Ophelia. The antagonist characters in the Ship of Magic are Captain Kennit, Sorcor and Etta. Other characters include Rain Wild Traders, Brashen and David Restart.
In my previous review I have stated that I found the books hard going, the story wasn’t gripping and that it was curiosity that made me carry on reading. Some of the story picks up in book 3 but it’s still missing something and I cant quite put my finger on it, compared to Fitz’s story arc I brought the next book straight after finishing the current read as I couldn’t wait to carry on reading! With this trilogy, I was glad the it had ended. Saying that Paragon and Malta do become my favourite characters in this trilogy as they change and develop so much from the beginning. It is also interesting learning and discovering the places you’ve heard about so much in fitz’s story arc. One last thing to point out is you do get the origin story of dragon Tanglila and how she becomes part of the eldering story arc, as she plays a massive role in the other books.
For book 3 I used my free audible book from Amazon, it took a short time to get used to listening to a story rather than physically reading on my kindle, it was handy during the day whilst I working on my card shop/cleaning/cooking I could listen to the book, a nice change from listening to the radio. Now that I have finished the audible story I found it strange picking up my kindle to read again, although I have missed reading in bed. In a perfect world I think I would have both going, using audible during the day then in the evening/bed time reading pick up on the kindle.
Currently reading Sherman’s Crossing by Hobb this trilogy is the only one that inst in the Elderling realm story arc, I am intrigued to see where it will take me. My reading plan is to finish this and go back to finish the Dragon Keeper series, then go back Sherman’s Crossing (If I like it)
It’s been a while since I last posted, as I have finished writing up reviews on my back catalogue of books which I have read. I’m going to keep the blog updated as much as possible, the reviews will appear when I finished a book.
Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post : )

Reflections of Queen Snow White

Reflections of Queen Snow White by David C Meredith

Reflections of Queen Snow White is an interesting read as the author takes away the children’s version and replaces it with an adult version of Snow White, where Snow White deals with issues of mourning, loneliness, madness and happiness. Whilst reading the story you do question if Snow White has gone completely insane, there were parts I wanted more details on such as characters and background information. My favourite part is the opening as the author uses a different perspective to set the scene where the story is taking place. Compared to the other books I have read it is a light and quick read (which is a pleasant change).
Thank you David for this free gift.
Update on my reading progress
I’m am still ploughing my way through the Liveship Traders Trilogy (just over half way now) on book 2, for book 3 I’m thinking of using my free audio book hoping it will increase speed so I can get back the Dragon Keeper.


Under the Dome by Stephen King

Besides King’s short stories this is my first official Stephen King novel I have read and finished, I was intrigued to see the comparison between the book and TV show, I have only seen Season One and half way through Season Two there are some changes in the TV show. I enjoyed the story and connected with all the characters, favourite character being Horace the dog. Just thought the ending was a bit disappointing, especially in what caused the dome. I have Mr.Mercedes on my to be read list also want to read 11.22.63. In the past I have attempted to read the Dark Tower but found it hard going due to accents King uses, may have another attempt at it before the TV/Film is released.